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Running update

Since 1/9/2011, this is my total number of runs, miles and time running according to my Nike GPS app.

Looking at it like this, it really doesn't seem like big numbers but it's felt like much more. I feel slightly disappointed in myself.. It seems like I should be doing so much more.

Hopefully I can kick it into a higher gear for the next half of 2011.. That is the goal anyway.

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Beyond Epic

Another 'I WANT' post


These are 'Yummy Dessert' Keychains from KidRobot.com.  There are a bunch of others... donuts, strawberry, and cakes, but these jello molds are AWESOME.

We already have the 'Yummy Breakfast' Croissant [pictured below]. They sell them in these boxes that are hard to open and are completely random, so you never know what you are going to get. Lots of fun and lots of adorableness.

Tornado Season

We have come upon another tornado season.

Last week turned out to be one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in history. From April 25th to April 27, 250 tornadoes, 180 of those occurred on Wednesday alone. The storms came through Alabama and into Georgia, Mike was home, so we were riveted to the TV all night. We had our 'tornado gear' ready to go (cat crate, blankets, pillows, shoes) and sat by watching the warnings pop up one-by-one and many simultaneously in Northern Georgia. Luckily, we were completely spared. There wasn't even that much wind around here. Really weird.

I found the map below on Weather.com, it's an interactive Google Map showing where all of the tornadoes from 4/25-4/27 were. If you go to the actual map, you can zoom in and out and click on the red tornado symbols to see where the storm was and what damage it did. 

And also from Weather.com, taken from space, the tornado paths from Alabama. All I can think/say is... "Wooow" about that Tuscaloosa tornado...

This looks really uplifting..

..... Yet strangely enthralling.. I think I'd have to be in the right mood for this one. :|

Weekend in Maryland/D.C.


Last weekend I got to go to Maryland and invade Shelley's house, and also run in a 5k with her. I finished 53 out of 71, but couldn't be happier with the time: 32:56 (10:37 minute mile)

After that we went and strolled around D.C., which is where the picture above is from.

Hope there are many more 5ks and strolls in the future with Ms. Shelley!
So I was 'antiquing' yesterday (I hate that word), let's try, I was at the antique store looking around yesterday,  and ran across this most beautiful lamp in the world. A LAMP WITH ACTUAL STUFFED DEER LEGS. I was thinking of how great it would be on Mike's side of the bed so I took a picture of it and sent it to him telling him I bought it and he didn't believe me at all. :( So it wasn't really much of a joke.. and this isn't really much of a post... I just wanted to mainly post a picture of a LAMP WITH ACTUAL DEER LEGS. Enjoy!



Here is an example of an ad campaign that is actually trying to BE ANNOYING in order to GET ATTENTION. Well it worked.. I posted it here. My only plee is to please MAKE THEM STOP ASAP. I HATE talk-singing. 

Harry Hunting

Now that Prince William is 'off the market', there is a new trend called 'Harry Hunting' where young women will come from all over the world to basically stalk the prince in hopes to woo him and become a princess. Wooooww..

Way to only want to be with somebody just for their NAME AND STATUS. Why would you do that without even knowing what this person is like. Harry Windsor could be women-hating-women-beating whore monger who likes freaky crap in bed that brings you on the brink of death. Maybe he feasts on babies and tortures kittens. He could even be a Nazi (see photo).

YOU DON'T KNOW! Would they marry him anyway? Even if he shoved gerbils up his arse?


Hair Appointment BEFORE & AFTER

Anything else has to be an improvement! I haven't gotten highlights since August, so I am pretty exited. 

(BTW... The line on my nose is from falling asleep with my glasses on... I woke up around 6 AM and made myself fall back asleep, but didn't take my glasses off. WHY do I have to get up so early on my DAY OFF??)

AFTER - Now that I look at them side by side, it doesn't look that different. I didn't have a lot sliced off, but the color is so much brighter and even.


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