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The Chronicles of Beckia

The Pilot, the Witch, and the two meows

B to the E to the C to the K to the Y
About: I've had this journal for a long time (since 2002) and some of it is serious and some of it is not. Mostly it's somewhere in between. I try to throw something in here every so often. I have a Facebook for the more 'day to day' stuff. See link for website.

Here's the cast of my journal:

Me = Just some random boring chick who posts on her livejournal (this one) from time to time. I grew up in Michigan and then moved to Indianapolis with my Mike in 2007. Then, in 2010, we trekked even farther south to Georgia and got ourselves married. I am an old married woman now.

Mike = My pilot husband. [pictured here with my nephew Seth]

Meow Meow Kitty Face = My birthday present, and our cat.

Nacho Cheese = A little orange tabby cat that takes the nastiest smelling shits imaginable, but the cat is so cute and sweet you almost don't care.

Minnen Ratta(s) = The coolest stuffed animals from IKEA. Only $3.99!!!!

Pop Bottle Pete = The local beloved retard of New Boston, MI. He rides his bike around the township and collects pop bottles for monetary purposes.... Every time I go back to the New Boston, I seem to collect a glimpse of him. It's the strangest thing. Is he dead yet?

Oh and pay no serious attention to my interests listed below.. most of it's supposed to be funny, so hold off on calling the mental institution for now.

agnostic-ism, barak obama's balls, bball outside my school, big foot tracking seminars, booger collections, boy scout magazines, chris gaines, chuck e cheeses, collecting snow globes, crazy people, deerskin underwear, disco, dog skin coats, eating fruity pebbles, eating toe nails, elizabethtown, fried twinkies, get low, going to work drunk, grape pucker, groovy stuff, happy meals, hermaphrodite peep shows, hot dog eating contests, jfk conspiracies, jizzing in my pants, ladygaga cookies, late 90s boy bands, leech farming, licking feet, licking rust, lilo and stitch, mcdonalds, meat n bone, mental institutions, michigan, minnen rattas, muppet sex shows, not going to college, pf changs, platform shoes, pound puppies, pound purries, rapping with ludacris, reinacting sex scenes, salt shakers, sleeping with truckers, smelly pirates, special sauce, spunk rags, stalking people on facebook, studio 54, stuffed crabs, summer, sweating to the oldies, talking in tongues, the 1970s, toe jam, tortoise shell kitties, used gum, warmed over dog turds, your mom